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Step 01




This is the initial phase where creative ideas begin to take shape. It involves the creative thinker pondering and examining the problem from various angles. The subconscious mind plays a significant role during this stage, concentrating on potential new ideas or hypotheses. The process may lead to anxiety and frustration, and it is linked to the intelligence phase of the decision-making process.

Step 02




If no immediate creative solution is found in the preparation stage, the creative individual attempts to distance themselves from the problem and engage in other activities. However, the subconscious mind continues to work on the problem, formulating and modifying ideas unintentionally. This stage corresponds to the design phase of decision-making.

Step 03




Often characterized by a sudden flash of insight or spontaneous solution, the illumination stage marks the point where embryonic ideas take definite shape. Inventors and creative individuals sometimes generate brilliant new ideas during moments when they are not actively thinking about the problem. This phase can be seen as analogous to the choice phase of the decision-making process.

Step 04




The final stage involves verifying, revising, and modifying the idea that emerged during the illumination stage. The solution is refined to be practical and acceptable. This stage is crucial as the creative idea must align with the decision situation and be continuously evaluated based on implementation experiences.


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With every single one of our clients, we bring forth deep passion for creative problem solving.

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